Urolithin B powder manufacturer CAS No.: 1139-83-9 98% purity min. for supplement ingredients

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As a new bioactive compound, Urolithin B is a linoleic acid compound produced by the metabolism of intestinal flora.  Urolithin B has strong antioxidant capacity, can delay aging, improve health, and can effectively regulate physiological functions in the human body, protect cardiovascular health, and reduce the possibility of tumor occurrence.

In addition, Urolithin B has an important health care effect on the human body, and it is of great significance in promoting the healthy growth and development of the human body. After using Urolithin B, you will find that it greatly improves the body’s immunity and body resistance, and can also prevent and improve the occurrence of diseases such as tumors. On the other hand, Urolithin B can quickly remove free radicals in the human body, repair damaged cells, stimulate cell regeneration, increase the body’s immunity, and effectively fight against natural aging and mutation of cells. And help people reduce life pressure and maintain psychological balance.

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Urolithin B

Other name

3-hydroxybenzo[c]chromen-6-one; 3-hydroxy-6-benzo[c]chromenone



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off-white to light yellow powder


1kg/bag; 25kg/drum


Dietary Supplement Raw Materials


(1) High purity: Through natural extraction and fine manufacturing process, Urolithin B can obtain high-purity products. High purity indicates better bioavailability and fewer adverse reactions.

(2) Easy to absorb: Urolithin B preparation can be quickly absorbed by the human body, enter the blood circulation through the intestinal tract, and distribute to different tissues and organs.

(3) Safety: As one of the intestinal microbial metabolites of ellagitannin, Urolithin B is a natural product, which has been proven to be safe to humans. It activates mitochondria in muscles, promoting muscle growth and repair, and improving athletic performance and endurance.


Urolithin B, one of the gut microbial metabolites of ellagitannins, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Has been shown to have potential anabolic and anti-catabolic properties and can be used to help support increased lean muscle mass and strength as well as optimal muscle recovery. And has multiple benefits for aging, muscle endurance, and gut health.

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