Anti-Aging CAS No.: 1143-70-0 98.0% purity min.

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Urolithin A is a natural product that can be obtained by hydrolyzing tannin tannins in fruits such as strawberries and pomegranates. In recent years, Urolithin A has been found to have multiple functions, including promoting the growth and metabolism of muscle cells, reducing oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, etc. It has also been shown to improve human health, especially in the elderly by slowing age-related muscle degeneration and neurodegenerative diseases. At present, this beneficial natural product has been further researched and developed. And after refined manufacturing and product positioning, Urolithin A preparations can help consumers provide better health protection. Urolithin A is also launched on the market as a preparation for health food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals.

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Urolithin A

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White powder to light gray powder


Dietary Supplement Raw Material


(1) High purity: Urolithin A preparation can obtain high-purity products through natural extraction and fine manufacturing process. High purity means better bioavailability and fewer adverse reactions.

(2) Safety: Urolithin A is a natural product that has been proven to be safe to humans. Within the dosage range, it has no toxicity or side effects.

(3) Stability: Urolithin A preparation has good stability and can maintain its activity and effect under different environmental and storage conditions.

(4) Easy to absorb: Urolithin A preparation can be quickly absorbed by the human body, enter the blood circulation through the intestinal tract, and distribute to different tissues and organs.


According to research, Urolithin A, both extracted and synthesized have a variety of physiological activities, including anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor, improving muscle health, promoting mitochondrial function, and slowing down aging. At present, Urolithin A is also widely used in the fields of food, health care products and medicine, and is used as a natural pharmaceutical ingredient to prepare various health care products and medicines.

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