For energy supply CAS No.: 1208313-97-6 97.5% purity min.

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Ketones are small bundles of fuel that the body produces when it burns fat, and cells use glucose for energy in a standard diet. However, if you’re on a ketogenic diet, you’re cutting out carbs so that your body doesn’t have any glucose to use for energy, and you start burning fat as your main source of energy.

When you’re in a state of ketosis (burning fat for fuel), your liver breaks down fat into energy-rich ketone bodies, which are then sent through bloodstream to fuel cells.

In recent years, exogenous ketones (specifically Ketone ester and ketone salts) have become a popular way to enter ketosis, especially exogenous ketone supplements, which can improve mental clarity and focus, and can also

Boosts energy and physical performance and burns more fat, also reduces hunger pangs.

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Ketone Ester

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(R)-(R)-3-hydroxybutyl 3-hydroxybutanoate;D-beta-Hydroxybutyrate ester;[(3R)-3-hydroxybutyl] (3R)-3-hydroxybutanoate;(3R)-3-Hydroxybutanoic acid (3R)-3-hydroxybutyl ester;Butanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, (3R)-3-hydroxybutyl ester, (3R)-;R-BHB;BD-AcAc 2



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colorless transparent liquid


1kg/bottle, 5kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel


1. Helps get into ketosis: Exogenous ketones can help people get into ketosis, even if they're not on a strict keto diet or doing high-intensity exercise.

2. Increase energy production: Exogenous ketones can stimulate the liver to produce more ketone bodies, thereby increasing the body's energy production.

3. Improve cognitive function: Studies have shown that exogenous ketones can improve cognitive function, including memory and concentration.

4. Reduce appetite: Exogenous ketones can reduce appetite, which can help with weight loss and control blood sugar levels.


Exogenous ketones (specifically Ketone ester and ketone salts) refer to ketone bodies taken from the outside, such as ketone diet or ketone body supplements.

Ketone Ester (R-BHB)

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